Your Lehigh Valley gynecology and obstetrics healthcare providers

Thank you for entrusting your care and that of your unborn child to us.  We are dedicated to a healthy outcome for you and your child.  We also want to help you understand more about yourself, your pregnancy and your unborn baby.  We are dedicated to patient support and in that way we hope to assist you in making decisions for yourself according to your own values.

Our practice consists of two OB GYN medical providers, Dr. Bonnie Osterwald and Dr. Suzanne Basha; several medical assistants, Jenn (office manager), Kinsey, Bela and Cindy.  Together our team works diligently to help you through your pregnancy as smoothly as possible.

At your first visit we will review your health history as well as complete a physical examination, including a Pap smear and internal exam.  This is a good time to ask any questions and discuss any concerns you may have regarding the pregnancy.


Our Staff